Baby of the Week

The birth of Olivia Rose Lennon

THE PARENTS: Mum Gail (39) is a full-time mum, and dad Andrew (39) works as a field service engineer. The couple live in Grangemouth with their son, four-year-old Alfie.

THE PREGNANCY: The pregnancy went well, although Gail suffered pelvic pain throughout.

THE BIRTH: Olivia was 10 days late when Gail went into labour. Gail and Andrew had a panic when the baby was first born as she wasn’t breathing but staff acted quickly and Olivia was fine.

THE BABY: Olivia is putting on weight and sleeps through the night. She is doted on by her big brother Alfie.

THE NAME: Gail and Andrew like traditional names and found ‘Olivia’ and ‘Rose’ in a book of baby names.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Little Olivia is a seventh grandchild for Margaret and Charlie Lacey of Grangemouth, and a sixth for Agnes and George Lennon of Denny.

THANKS: Special thanks to hospital staff and the midwife who delivered Olivia. Thanks also to Gail’s mother-in-law Agnes for doing the housework during the pregnancy.