Baby Jay gets home for Nicole’s big day in Grangemouth

Lady in waiting Nicole and baby brother Jay
Lady in waiting Nicole and baby brother Jay

One family enjoyed a double celebration at this year’s Grangemouth Children’s Day.

Last Wednesday Laura Sim (26) and partner Colin Doyle (31) were busy preparing the arch for daughter Nicole (9).

The Moray Primary School pupil was a lady in waiting at the event – and also excited that her mum was due to give birth at any time.

But things picked up pace when Laura started going into labour.

“My waters broke just as The Falkirk Herald came to visit us,” laughed Laura. “I couldn’t believe it when someone told me afterwards I was on the front page of the newspaper.

“It was just a completely surreal day with all the Children’s Day things going on and then I met my pal in the hospital – she was having a baby too.”

Jay was born at 4.45 p.m. on Thursday, June 16, weighing a healthy 8lb.

Laura said: “We came back home on Friday night and had 15 people in the house seeing Nicole and the baby - it was a bit hectic, but lovely for her and the baby to get a wee bit of attention like that.”

Unfortunately, due to the wet weather, Laura and Jay could not see Nicole perform her royal duties in Zetland Park, but Laura’s mum and dad braved the damp to see her in action.

Laura said: “Nicole still had a fantastic day and absolutely loved it - kids are a wee bit more resilient to the weather than we are. She got soaked this year and sunburned the year before.

“We got a lovely picture from Moray Primary of Jay in a car seat and the Royal Retinue around him - that’s something we can keep forever and make the day even more special.”

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