Baby boom helps boost Falkirk population

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Falkirk’s population has risen by almost 10,000 over the last decade according to the new census.

The 2011 Census in Scotland shows the number of people now residing in the Falkirk Council area is 154,380, up 9110 from the 2001 count.

Like the rest of the country Falkirk’s population is at an all-time high and is set to keep rising over the next two decades.

A baby boom has shown the number of births go up from just 221 in 2001 to 1757 last year, although this figure was down 6.2 per cent from 2010. The number of marriages went down 5.3 per cent to 801 over a year from 2010.

Falkirk’s death rate has also shot up from 261 ten years ago to 1548 last year, with the rate of women dying higher than that of men between 2009-11. There are also 4610 more females (79,495) than males living in the district.

The area has a lower death rate than the national figure, while the most common cause of death for both men and women locally is circulatory disease. Cancer is second.

The area’s older generation is getting bigger too with 35,316 people over the age of 60 - 23 per cent of the population - compared to 30,266 a decade ago.

Falkirk’s population density is the ninth biggest in Scotland with 525 people living in every square metre - up from 489 in 2001.