ATM warning after device found in Denny

Crooks attached a card skimming device to the ATM in Denny's Stirling Street.
Crooks attached a card skimming device to the ATM in Denny's Stirling Street.

Crooks are continuing to fleece unsuspecting shoppers by installing card skimming devices on bank machines.

That’s prompted Central Scotland Police to remind members of the public to take simple precautions when using ATMs to ensure they do not fall victim to fraudsters.

A device was found attached to the bank machine outside the Co-op store in Denny’s Stirling Street on January 5.

It’s the second time that a device has been found there.

They are installed by fraudsters in an attempt to obtain account pin numbers by secretly filming people as they use the machine’s keypad.

The information is then used to create a closed card which can be used by the crooks to access the unsuspecting user’s account.

Generally, the persons taking the information from the bank card are situated nearby and can collect the information from a laptop.

The Denny community police team is now organising a public demonstration which will highlight the tell-tale signs if an ATM has been tampered with.

A police spokeswoman said: “Our advice is to make sure that the card reader and the area above the number pad has not been tampered with.

“Quite often these skimming devices have a false front over the card reader and an area above the number pad which has been stuck on.

“If there is anything suspicious about an ATM report the matter immediately.”

Last year, skimming devices were found on ATMs in Falkirk’s High Street and Garrison Place. One cash machine in Main Street, Larbert, is believed to have been targeted by fraudsters three times in the space of a week last July.

A man who used this machine subsequently had a four-figure sum of money taken from his account.

It is believed that organised criminal gangs, operating the length of the country, are responsible for installing the devices.

Anyone who believes an ATM has been tampered with, or has information regarding any of these reported incidents, should call Central Scotland Police on 01786 456000.