Atlantic crossing leads to a whirlwind romance for Falkirk’s David

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A happy couple say their love was a match made in heaven after tying the knot following a whirlwind trans- atlantic romance.

Earlier this year David Gibson, from Bainsford, flew to North Carolina to train with a Christian charity that helps in disaster areas.

But he ended up being blown away by the charms of the founder’s daughter and returned with a bride.

David volunteers for the Scottish branch of US crisis relief charity Christ In Action, founded by Dr Denny Nissley, which is currently deployed in New Jersey to help families deal with the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

The 38-year-old headed to the States for a chaplaincy course in February but fell in love with Rachel Nissley who he proposed to in July with a surprise visit at her 30th birthday bash.

Shortly after meeting, David and Rachel knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together and the faithful couple believe the Lord had a hand in bringing them together.

“This has been the most incredible year of my life,” said David, who works for Carron Bathrooms. “We clicked right away and knew very early on we were made for each other.

“There were a lot of changing circumstances and twists that led to us meeting. People call them twists of fate, but we believe they are acts of God. Everything just clicked into place for us.”

The couple’s story is a modern romance. While God played His part, so did modern technology.

David’s course meant he was to visit America another twice after his first visit in February, but the couple kept the fire burning through Skype calls while he was back in Falkirk.

By the second visit in May the couple knew marriage was inevitable and after he popped the question in July they got married on October 22 in the USA when David was over completing his chaplaincy badge.

This was followed with a blessing ceremony at Falkirk Baptist Church for David’s family and friends on October 27.

Rachel, the oldest of 11 children from Northern Virginia, has worked for Christ In Action since she was a child and has been part of teams which helped out during many crises including 9/11, tornadoes and aid efforts in Africa.

She said: “I met him on a Wednesday and by the Sunday I knew he was the man I was going to marry. His proposal was a wonderful surprise and after I caught my breath again I immediately said yes.”

Her father Denny gave a speech at the Falkirk church the day after the wedding. He said: “I got to walk my daughter down the aisle twice in one week.”

Christ In Action provides help in all kinds of crisis situations from disaster zones to schools and community work. For more information visit