Assasins go it alone for number three

International Pop Assassins
International Pop Assassins

Multi-tasking anti-pop boys The International Pop Assassins are firing their latest album onto the unsuspecting music market.

Their third musical offering, ‘Revolution Tonight’, is a 10-track hop through every genre from 1950s bop beats to nu-punk.

Front man Eddie McKenzie said the album is the one he is most proud of and every single stage of the production process was carried out entirely by the band.

He told the Herald: “‘Revolution Tonight’ is truly independently put together. The tracks were written by us, recorded by us at home, produced by us, mixed by us, mastered by us, packaged within a cover designed by us, and released on our own label, Seminal Recordings.

“With this much freedom, it has meant we have recorded an album that we would want to hear.

“If asked to define the sound of the band, I would say that we sound like the music that made you fall in love with music in the first place.”

The album, as you would expect, has a strong revolutionary message with subjects including the tabloid phone-hacking scandal and the Arab Awakening covered.

Eddie continued: “As a lyricist I love the idea of responding to the world and the news instantly, and in a direct manner.

‘‘I always remember that the country was erupting with riots while The Specials were number one with ‘Ghost Town’, and I wanted that sense of zeitgeist.

‘‘There seems to be few other acts out doing that and in our current climate we need it.”

The Falkirk Herald heard a sneak preview of ‘Revolution Tonight; and can provide a track by track guide.

Five four one

Reggae beats over soulful lyrics

Kicking up the ashes

Reminiscent of the tracks from The Beatles’ early albums

Shake your hair beatle john

Very 1950s with a distinct Bo Diddley beat, think ‘I Want Candy’ by the Strangeloves and you’re not far off

Cynical world

Trippy song you can imagine listening to in an Amsterdam cafe, Pink Floyd-esque

This is the day

Punky, punchy, poppy

If you want to start a revolution

Nu-punk with a generous helping of early Nirvana

Since you went away

Upbeat, bouncy and influenced by 1980s ska


A bass led tune with a catchy rift

Baby’s Got Claws

Probably the least dancey track with poignant lyrics

I’ve Gotta Get Up and Dance

The Pop Assassins weren’t going to let the album finish with such a sad track. A happy uplifting tune with a catchy chorus and a smattering of strings and brass.

Eddie concluded: “I’ve been playing live for more years than I care to mention, and this is the strongest band I have ever played with. We function as one body, I’m the head, Ross is the beating heart, Andy is the blood that runs between us, and Johnny is the clenched fist.”

‘Revolution Tonight’ is available from Amazon, iTunes or the band’s website.