Asda’s foot-long pig-in-blanket says ‘it’s Christmas’ in October

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Supermarket giant Asda aims to steal a march on its competitors by launching a 12-inch, gluten-free “Christmas dinner essential” from next month.

In what amounts to the first shot fired in the annual festive battle for the crucial December consumer spend Asda argues its attention-grabbing pig in a blanket is “the ultimate Christmas miracle”.

Said to be made with more than 500g of “succulent British Red Tractor pork” and “lovingly wrapped with 100g of juicy rashers of British dry cured streaky bacon” the meaty treat (sprouts not included) costs a fiver and can be cooked straight from frozen.

Weighing 650g and “serving up to ten people” the king-size hot dog will be available from October 22.