Andrea crowned queen on Bo'ness Fair Day

Andrea Robertson (12) has become the 109th queen of the Bo'ness Fair Day after being crowned at Glebe Park in front of hundreds of onlookers and more viewers around the world.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 30th June 2017, 4:02 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:22 am

The Bo’ness Public School pupil’s crowning moment came just a few minutes after 11am when Fair Day veteran and depute provost Ann Ritchie placed the crown on her head.

Champion Lauchlan Muir, who won the Sir Terry Logan Fundraiser Award last year, vowed to defend his new queen.

And the presentees from all schools wrapped things up by performing a number of impressive dance routines with a few well known songs thrown in.

By 10am hundreds had crammed into Glebe Park as the excitement began to build.

The whole spectacle was being beamed around the world. From North Carolina in the US to Australia people were tuning in.

And for those that were fortunate to be there a new giant screen made sure no one missed a moment of the action.

The schools were piped in one by one starting off with next year’s hosts St Mary’s and ending with the Bo’ness Public School.

The atmosphere was raucous and there was real energy and enthusiasm amongst the youngsters even despite the ominous grey-looking clouds above.

Nevertheless the rain held off and the ceremony began and one by one each cast of the retinue took a moment in the spotlight and their place on the stage.

First it was Sky Nicholls who was Queen of the Fairies in her beautiful lilac dress leading the rest of the fairies.

Then Queen of the Flower Girls Chloe Kilgallon approached the stage in a lovely teal-coloured dress and took her seat.

More and more of the cast continued to flood on stage including last year’s queen Maddison Chapman who handed over the reins to Andrea.

The queen was led on stage with her two page boys Zac Irvine and Gray Oliver before taking her place on the throne.

The special guests from Norway must have been thoroughly impressed with the whole spectacle before they too took a bow in front of the queen, along with the cadets, Bo’ness Academy junior dux’s James Todd and Caitlin Wright and the Lord Lieutenant’s Air Cadet Aimee Broadfoot.

The queen’s presentees danced for her and the hours of practice, hard work and dedication certainly paid off before everyone made their way from the park and on to the parade to continue the celebrations.