Anchorman: Whom shall I send? Send me!

Take a few local BB boys, add a sprinkling of celebrities such as a government minister, a BB director; mention a football club benefactor and Guiness record holders and you have the ingredients to create a photo-shoot which I mentioned a month or so ago when the new all-weather pitch was opened to add to the facilities at BB’s Carronvale House in Larbert.

The story pushed, no doubt, then appeared in the national ‘BB Gazette’. Wait a little and the Church of Scotland too picked up the story and picture in its ‘Life and Work’. Would that such publicity could be given to the hundreds of local men and women who week by week lead our 20 companies or so, within various centres around the Falkirk and District. For they are the real ambassadors of the organisation, as they shape young lives from the time boys join in Primary 2 through to Secondary 6. Leading by example in obedience, reverence, discipline, self respect and all that tend towards true Christian lives and they are all unpaid volunteers.

Once influenced by such ethics, you can, as they say, take the boy out of the BB but can’t take the BB out of the boy, so much so, as I’m sure you may have found, such lads appear in all walks of life still illustrating such virtues, so learned.

The other day I was unable to allow a meter reader access to the church due to a prior commitment. However, a few nights later such meter reader was passing the building late on a windy, wet and stormy night and saw the building illuminated and stopped to read the meters. Yes, none other than a wet, red-bearded Martin from Avonbridge a former member of 3rd Larbert (East Church) where he remembers being influenced by the then captain Willie Binnie. He expressed disappointment that his seven year old son could not reasonably be part of the BB as the former Avonbridge company had long since ceased. Perhaps a fact of life with only 44 in the local school; perhaps not if there are like minded parents in that area willing to take up the challenge.