Anchor’s away as Tommy set sights on Denny music venue

Tommy Hamilton's an ex-soldier with bold plans
Tommy Hamilton's an ex-soldier with bold plans

A former soldier has set his sights on reviving the nightlife of his home town.

Tommy Hamilton, a former Royal Scots Dragoon Guard, says that there is little to do in Denny and Dunipace in the evening and that the neighbouring towns have long lacked a suitable venue for live entertainment.

The 31-year-old music promoter is hoping to fill what he describes as a major gap in the local market with the opening of a new bar and venue, The Songbird, tomorrow (Friday).

He believes that the business can be a success at time when pubs are closing nationally at the rate of two a week.

“Denny and Dunipace, and most of Falkirk, have a lot of working men’s pubs, but there’s not many places that cater for a younger market,” he said.

Named after the Oasis and Fleetwood Mac songs, The Songbird has been so-called to deliberately stand out from its competitors.

“Some people have questioned the name - it’s a wee bit different from what you’d expect a bar to be called,” added Hamilton.

“But the feedback we’ve had so far has been brilliant.”

Hamilton had already begun promoting gigs and helping manage bands before he was formally discharged from the army last May after 13 years service.

A keen music fan, he had been looking to take over a suitable venue along with business partner Martin Shaw.

When they heard there was a chance to take charge of The Anchor, a pub in the Dunipace end of Stirling Street, they jumped at the chance.

“It’s been hard work. The place was very run-down, the ceilings had practically caved in. But now we can’t wait for the opening night.”