‘Anarchist Cook’ George Egg is worth shelling out for

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George Egg is ‘Master Chef’ gone bad - a cook prepared to use anything from power tools to gardening equipment to craft the perfect dish.

At last year’s Edinburgh Fringe he was a total sell-out at high profile venue the Gilded Balloon - which was hardly a surprise as he also sold out at the same festival in both 2015 and 2016.

His latest tour, which reaches Falkirk Town Hall on Thursday, is an all-new show, “George Egg: DIY chef”, which sees him banned from the kitchen and consigned to the garden shed ... where he uses everything he can find there to help him serve up breakfast, lunch and tea in the most imaginative (and vaguely frightening) ways.

According to reviews down south, where he has also played to full houses, you get to taste the food at the end ... if you dare.

As an example of his creative genius, here is a Youtube clip in which George - stuck in a hotel on Pancake Tuesday - uses his creative ingenuity to full effect: