Alex Salmond’s legal bid crowdfunder closes after raising £100,000

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Former First Minister Alex Salmond’s crowdfunding bid to pay for his legal suit against the Scottish Government closed today after amassing more than £100,000.

He has collected more than double his original target of £50,000.

Mr Salmond aims to use the fund to launch a Court of Session he has launched against the Scottish Government over the way it dealt with sexual harassment allegations against him

Two complaints have been made about Mr Salmond in connection with alleged incidents said to have taken place in 2013.

In an online message today he said: “Many thanks to the thousands of people who have come forward with support. We will now press on with the challenge to the lawfulness of the procedure.

“All funds will be used exclusively to support the judicial review.

“If we are successful in the Court of Session then there are likely to be substantial surplus funds and, as I have pledged, every penny will then go to good causes in Scotland and beyond.”

Earlier this week Mr Salmond resigned from the Scottish National Party, declaring his intention to rejoin once he has had the opportunity to clear his name.

The Scottish Government has declared its intention to vigorously defend the way it has handled its treatment of the allegations.