Aldi urging applications for 35 new Polmont jobs

Aldi has confirmed 35 jobs will be created for the store in Polmont which is due to open in April next year
Aldi has confirmed 35 jobs will be created for the store in Polmont which is due to open in April next year

Supermarket chain Aldi has announced it will create a total of 35 jobs in its new store due to open in April in Polmont.

Representatives from the company met with the village’s community council on Monday at a public meeting to smooth over worries about moving the store’s entrance away from the plaza end of the shopping centre where local businesses are located.

Small companies like JS Barbers and William Holleran & Sons Butchers raised concerns that moving the entrance to the bottom end would drive customers away from their shops.

However, after Monday’s meeting residents and businesses have accepted the reasons for the shift. Aldi has also submitted an application to Falkirk Council to put advertising in Main Street that would include signage for the neighbouring stores which has been welcomed.

It is not clear what kind of signage that will be at the moment as there are road safety concerns.

Community council convenor Rosemary Taylor said: “Aldi said they are expecting 2000 customers a day and feel that there would be a bottleneck at the plaza entrance with cars and customers if it remained there.

“There will also be more trolleys to store somewhere and after hearing the reasoning we do agree it makes sense to move the entrance.”

Jackie Gardiner of JS Barbers, who had originally raised an objection to the entrance plans, said: “Shop owners here were not happy at first but we can understand the reasons to move it.

“I would welcome signage going up near the main road to let people know we are here, I’ve said something like that has been needed since I moved in here.

“Aldi opening here will be a good thing for the community, but we’ve all struggled since the Co-op shut and I hope we can survive until it does open.”

Property director for Aldi Stores Robert Stoddart said: “We were grateful to be given the opportunity to explain our plans for Polmont at the community council meeting. We were able to clarify plans already approved for the store and car park arrangements, for example, relocating the store entrance.

“A successful Aldi store at this location will have considerable spin-off for neighbouring businesses. We were also able to report that work is on schedule for a store opening in April next year.

“Aldi is currently recruiting for the new store and local job seekers should go to for further details on how to apply for the 35 new jobs being created.”