Alan’s brave actions rewarded with scroll

Alan Payne is pictured with wife Anne and daughter-in-law Orla
Alan Payne is pictured with wife Anne and daughter-in-law Orla

The brave actions of Alan Payne saw him receive an award in recognition of his life-saving good deed.

He was presented with a Royal Humane Society special scroll after he intervened when a drunk psychiatric patient lashed out at a stranger and tried to drown him in a pond.

The man was a patient and the incident happened off Great Western Road in Glasgow.

Alan yelled for help and he and another man tried to reason with the patient who said: “If you come into the water you will be next.”

However, Alan and the other man waded in regardless and Alan was pulled into a deeper area of the pond after punching the patient.

He broke free at the point that the attacker was about to lash out with a rock.

A spokesman from the Royal Humane Society said: “Alan Payne was simply the right person in the right place at the right time and obviously put himself in considerable danger in taking the action he did. He richly deserves this award.”

Alan grew up in Cumbernauld but now lives in Banknock with wife Anne. It was his daughter-in-law Orla who nominated him for the award which is signed by Princess Alexandra, who is the president of the Royal Humane Society.

He said: “It was an honour and a surprise. To be suddenly placed in this difficult situation makes you realise how special life is and important these awards are.”