Airth litter pick discloses fly tipping blight

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Airth Parish Community Council volunteers spent this morning bagging everything from fast food containers to used condoms in a clean-up of the foreshore this morning.

Congratulating those who took part, Carse, Kinnaird and Tryst councillor Laura Murtagh said: “There was a real variety collected, from big items of rubbish, carelessly discarded, to the shocking amount of small pieces of plastic and polystyrene washed up along the shore.

“The amount of plastic straws was particularly shocking, hidden all the way along the bank”.

She added: “The area around the bridge towards Higgins Neuk, which is picked regularly by volunteers, I find so disappointing.

“The amount of fast food garbage, used condoms and associated rubbish, as well as what is clearly bags of domestic waste which has been driven there, is just despicable.

“The community have made a fantastic effort to clear this up, from young to old(er).

“If the small minority of folk who were responsible for this in the first place would clean up their act, they wouldn’t have to.”