Airth Highland Games enjoys another success

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Thousands of people from across the world flocked to Airth Highland Games on Saturday.

The 143rd annual event attracted over 3200 visitors, including overseas sports fans who had come to soak up the atmosphere during Scotland’s Commonwealth Games.

Airth Highland Games

Airth Highland Games

The games, held at North Green Park, also welcomed more than 100 dancers - including a team from Canada - to compete in the open championships.

Popular events such as piping, tossing the caber, the Smiddy Stane carry, track and field and cycling also pulled in the crowds.

Emma Gillanders, Treasurer Airth Highland Games said: “It was a really good day, and we were thrilled with how everything went to plan.

“The sheer numbers of visitors who came from overseas, and the fact that people arrived early and spent the whole day with us rather than just popping along for a few hours, was great.

“We had a great morning with the weather, but around 2 p.m. we had a bit of thunder and a heavy shower, but it was gone by 3 p.m. and we could soon continue with the dancing.

“We have had a few comments from people on Facebook and by emailing saying that it really didn’t stop them enjoying the day and quite a lot of people came prepared anyway.”

The Airth games also had an all-day visit from a news crew the Australian Broadcasting Company.

A breakfast TV presenter and his team were on hand to capture the traditional Scottish events as part of a broadcast featuring Scotland’s summer of sport.

Emma added: “Having the camera crews from ABC there certainly did add an new dimension this year.

“The TV presenter had a go at a few of the events, including the Smiddy Stane carry, but he didn’t get on too well!”

Hotelier and local employer Steven McLeod was this year’s Chieftain who did a sterling job handing out the trophies to event winners.

Emma added: “He did a great job and was thrilled to be involved.

“We are really pleases with Saturday’s event, and now we can get planning for 2015.”