Airport tower is all lit up for Christmas

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No less than 20,000 lights - and a lurid shade of neon purple - have been used to give Edinburgh Airport’s control tower a festive makeover.

Visible for miles around, it’s a bid to grab attention for what airport authorities reckon is a national landmark in the same league as the Titan Crane, or even the Kelpies.

The Christmas lights wheeze is claimed to be a first of its kind in the UK, and 2,000 metres of cabling were used for the “fairly lights”.

Edinburgh Airport’s Chief Operating Officer Adrian Witherow said: “The control tower is one of the city’s and Scotland’s most iconic structures and what better way to make it a little more special than lighting it up for Christmas.

“It’s a great welcome for those arriving into the capital to spend time with family or see what the city’s Christmas festivities have to offer, and a great send off for those heading the other way. We also want to spread some Christmas cheer to staff.”

He quipped: “Like everyone else, we also had to sit and untangle the lights before dressing them on our own unique tree so you can imagine our delight when everything turned on successfully!”

The big red button was pushed by ten-year-old Ryan Rafferty, who won a competition to turn them on the lights.

He was put forward by his mum, Elaine, as a reward for all of this hard work at home and school after spending four weeks in hospital recovering from a serious injury.

Kay Gillespie, Passenger Experience Leader at Edinburgh Airport said: “We always like to bring Christmas cheer to passengers at the airport and we’ve taken that a step further this year – bringing Christmas to the surrounding area.

“We’re also glad to be helping Santa find his way to Edinburgh a little easier as he’ll be unable to miss us!”

The company which made the capital’s unusual light show possible is The Christmas Decorators Edinburgh.

The lights will stay on until January 6.