Airborne booze abusers are threatened with jail

A new campaign titled One Too Many is set to warn air flight passengers they risk massive fines and prison for dangerous booze-fuelled behaviour on planes.

The move follows increasing concern about the number of incidents taking place across the UK - including one recent case in which allegedly rowdy and abusive drunks on a Jet2 flight from Edinburgh to Crete were detained by Greek police upon landing.

However questions persist about how intoxicated passengers are able to board flights in the first place, and there have been calls for restrictions on licensed facilities in airports.

Ryanair says it’s down to airports to bring in preventative measures to curb heavy boozing and the problems it causes, arguing it’s unfair for airports “to profit from the unlimited sale of alcohol to passengers” abd leave airlines to cope with the consequences.

The One Too Many campaign launched yesterday, the busiest day for flights leaving UK airports (coinciding with the start of English holidays).

Francois Bourienne, chairwoman of the UK Travel Retail Forum said: “While serious disruptive behaviour remains rare, it can be costly and cause delays. Other passengers become upset and a lot of holidays are ruined.

“The campaign complements existing individual airport initiatives being used by airlines, airports, bar and pub operators and retailers - bringing it all under the one banner for the first time as we enter the busy holiday season.”

However even if they are rare - which some might dispute - the International Air Transport Association (IATA) says they rank in the top three concerns of cabin crew.

Aviation Minister, Baroness Sugg said: “Disruptive passengers have the potential to ruin other people’s flights, and this campaign is an important new step to ensure all passengers are aware of the consequences they face if they behave disruptively after drinking before or on board a flight”.