Action demanded on Falkirk high rise lifts

One lift in Maxwell Tower was out of action for two weeks
One lift in Maxwell Tower was out of action for two weeks

High rise pensioners have hit out after being let down by the lifts in their tower block – again!

The reliability of the elevators in Falkirk’s Maxwell Tower has come under the spotlight following yet another breakdown.

Now two senior councillors have promised a probe into the problems.

Elderly neighbours claim they were left with an exhausting walk up and down stairs earlier this month when the lift serving the even floors of their multi-storey broke down.

One tenant, who asked not to be named, complained: “These problems are long standing and seem never to be dealt with properly.

“It is driving everybody living here to distraction because even when we bring it to the attention of the council they never seem to be too interested.

“One of my neighbours on my floor relies on a scooter to get out and about and for the full two weeks was totally stuck in his flat.

“I’m just home from hospital following hip replacement surgery which means I can’t manage stairs so I was marooned as well. After my operation the doctor said I should be outside walking for short periods – some hope!”

The OAP also raised concerns about the entry door security system at the block which is supposed to make sure strangers cannot get in.

She said: “That has also been broken for over a month which means everyone and anyone can get into the building at any time they like, something that surely puts the vulnerable elderly living here at risk.

“Again I have brought this to the council’s attention. The staff take a note but it always takes so long to rectify the problems and in the meantime the quality of our lives is being effected enormously.”

After being made aware of the problems, local councillors Pat Reid and Cecil Meiklejohn are calling for positive action from the housing department.

Councillor Reid said: “We have taken this up with officers because it is happening so often. It is completely unacceptable we apparently do not have a maintenance programme in place that is fit for purpose.

“The situation regarding the effectiveness of the security system on the entrance doors is of equal concern and also something we want addressed as a matter of urgency.”

Councillor Meiklejohn added: “It is essential we have good maintenance procedures in place to ensure the lifts not just serving Maxwell Tower but every tower block we have are operational all the time.

“Our high rise residents deserve nothing less, but after speaking to officers it appears the contractors can’t keep to the required maintenance schedules or access the parts required when breakdowns occur.

“On that basis Provost Reid and I are demanding an urgent review of the current arrangements.”