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Michael Gault and girlfriend Sara
Michael Gault and girlfriend Sara
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Catch up with Falkirk folk in far flung places

WHERE ARE YOU FROM ORIGINALLY? Born in Cyprus, but moved to Falkirk at the age of 15.

WHERE ARE YOU NOW? The Shetland Islands.

WHY ARE YOU THERE? Took a job up there as wanted to try something different.

WHAT DO YOU DO? A retail manager for Scottish Hydro Electric.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN THERE? Four-and-a-half years.

FAMILY? Live with girlfriend Sara.

WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT WHERE YOU ARE NOW? It’s a small place and there’s lovely scenery.

ANYTHING YOU DON’T LIKE? The long, dark winters. In the winter there’s only two or three hours of sunlight.

BIGGEST DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THERE AND HERE? The community spirit which comes from there only being 22,000 people on the islands.

WHAT DO YOU MISS MOST FROM HOME? Family ... and King’s chicken pakora.

ANY MESSAGE FOR FAMILY AND OLD FRIENDS? Hello to all family and friends in Falkirk and hope you are all doing OK.