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Jacqui is enjoying her new life
Jacqui is enjoying her new life
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Catch up with Falkirk folk in far flung places

where are you from originally? I’m from Rothesay in Bute originally but lived in Falkirk for a while.

Where are you now? London.

Why are you there? I met my boyfriend Pete when working on cruise ships and then we moved to London together.

what do you do? I’m a photographer. I work at London Zoo and run my own wedding photography business.

how long have you been there? I was on cruise ships for three years and I’ve been in London for three years.

family? Most of my family are still Bute but a lot of my friends are in Falkirk.

What do you like most about london? There is always lots to do and see and good job opportunities.

anything you don’t like? The cost of living.

Biggest difference? It’s a stereotype but Londoners are definitely less friendly than Bairns.

what do you miss? Irn Bru isn’t as readily available here and, of course, my family and friends.

any messages for old friendS? Come down for a visit - my couch is always available!