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Laurie McGarva
Laurie McGarva

Catch up with Falkirk folk in far flung places

Name? Laurie McGarva

Where are you from? Falkirk

Where are you now? Living in Ampthill, just outside London and working in the capital.

Why are you there? I met my boyfriend Paul in Ibiza and moved down to London with him.

What do you do? I work for a housing association and specialise in resident governance.

How long have you been there? Two years.

What so you like most about London? It has a huge variety of social activities like shopping, theatre, restaurants and it’s a mecca for celebrating cultural diversity.

Biggest difference between there and here? I love London. As a student I lived in Glasgow which propelled me into city life. The one main difference is walking down the street and not bumping into a familiar face.

What do you miss most? I love my family, I also consider my friends as my family and they are the one stand-out thing I miss the most. We travel to see one another frequently and it makes for exciting weekends when we do!

Any message for old friends? Friends are the family we meet along the way. Someone special shared that with me.