A war dance, kick boxing and steps all rolled into one

Christine Wilson gets busy with Bokwa
Christine Wilson gets busy with Bokwa
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A new fitness craze is taking gym halls and community centres by storm ... and it doesn’t start with the letter ‘Z’.

It did not take long for Zumba, that all-dancing form of keep fit, to become firmly ingrained in the public consciousness and for instructors and classes to start popping up all over the area.

Now we have Bokwa – a new and upcoming fitness programme designed to increase cardio respiratory endurance, muscular strength and flexibility through a dance and fitness programme which uses letters and numbers, hand signals and American sign language among other things.

Falkirk-based instructor Christine Wilson said: “It is an intense cardiovascular workout combined with South African war dance, Capoeira, kick boxing and steps.

‘‘Bokwa is proven to burn a great amount of calories, making it easier to achieve weight loss goals.

“There are six levels of Bokwa fitness which progressively introduce more letters and numbers.

‘‘I currently provide level one classes which are suitable for beginners.”

Mother-of-two Christine was initially a Zumba zealot before being bitten by the Bokwa bug.

Christine said: “When I gave birth to my second child I found it incredibly hard to lose the weight and decided to attend a local Zumba class and completely fell in love – it rekindled my passion for fitness and really helped me lose my weight quickly.

“I have always been looking for different challenges and I’m always keen to provide a variety of classes to keep people motivated.

‘‘I heard about Bokwa, but there were no training courses available in Scotland at the time so I travelled down to Blackpool to train and met Bokwa creator Paul Mavi.

“I am now one of the first instructors within the Falkirk area licensed to teach Bokwa Fitness.”

Visit www.fitnesswithchristine.co.uk for more information on Bokwa.