A walk through the Tunnel with Mrs Hare

Fancy a wee stroll through the Falkirk Tunnel?
Fancy a wee stroll through the Falkirk Tunnel?

Creepy Auld Reekie is spoiled for choice when it comes to windswept wynds haunted by the ghosts of tormented souls – but it hasn’t got a canal.

One of the capital’s most notorious villains has an interesting connection to Falkirk, and on August 5 he and his partner in crime are staging a “walking theatre” production through the sepulchral gloom of the Falkirk Tunnel.

The drama could be subtitled “Burke and Hare - the Falkirk days”, but its actual title is The Resurrection, as in the “resurrection men” who produced fresh corpses for the ready market once to be found among the surgeons of Edinburgh.

The production invites the audience to “step back in time and experience a world of body snatchers, love, murder and deceit”, but adds a little warning.

“It might be something to do with the change in temperature, the perpetual darkness or the sound of the navvies whispering across the water but as your expert guides, including Mrs Hare herself, reveal the troubling tales of her husband’s past, you’ll want to have your wits about you to avoid being the next victim!”

The whole show lasts around 45 minutes, which to those of a nervous disposition may seem considerably longer.

There are full details on times and booking at www.scottishcanals.co.uk/canal-theatre/