A special thanks to Pudsey from Strathcarron

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Strathcarron Hospice organisers have said a special thankyou to Pudsey Bear, ten years after Children in Need first backed a crucial service.

Despite all the wall-to-wall TV coverage of Pudsey’s giant annual fundraiser not every cause to benefit gets a high profile - but the support is real enough.

A Strathcarron spokeswoman said: “Many of us will happily be donating as we watch videos of children worldwide who need our support.

“WWhat you may not realise is that Children in Need have funded our children’s bereavement service, Seasons for Growth, for almost ten years now, helping us care for children and young people across Forth Valley, Kilsyth and Cumbernauld who are struggling to deal with loss and change in their young lives.”

She added: “The children come together in small groups with trained facilitators over a period of seven weeks, with the aim of helping them feel less alone, happier and more confident, and to provide them with the skills and tools to deal with their feelings.

“Many of the young people feel very isolated because of what has happened to them, and simply don’t know what to do with their feelings or where to turn.

“Through talking, sharing, games and crafts the children forge new friendships with others in a similiar situation and learn how to cope with all their conflicting emotions, finding a way to move forward and accept that they should never feel guilty for smiling, laughing or having fun.

“We cannot change what has happened in these children’s lives, but we can try our very best to help them find a way to accept their new reality and move forward to be happy again, and to smile.

“So thank you Children in Need for supporting our work and helping us make a difference to these children”.