A “right romance” in Grangemouth

The happy couple
The happy couple

A happy couple proved there’s no age limit when it comes to romance and are about to tie the knot in a historic wedding.

When 84-year-old Betty Swanson says “I do” to 67-year-old Chris Nimmo in the sitting room of Talbot House in Grangemouth on Tuesday, July 19, it will be a first for the long-running premises.

Community care organiser Anne Lowe said: “It’s the first wedding ever held in Talbot House and I hope it will be the first of many. We’re all really happy for them and giving them all our support.

“They are such a nice couple.”

Betty and Chris live in the Craigview sheltered housing complex in Bo’ness and have been going to Talbot House together for around a year – ever since they first met.

The bride-to-be said: “It was an evening entertainment and he was sitting there on his own. I walked over and spoke to him and things just took off from there.”

Chris, originally from Buckinghamshire, added: “We have been seeing each other ever since. Age doesn’t really come into it – once you click together that’s it.

“We decided we got on so well we suggested getting married and it just went on from there.”

“It’s just a right romance,” smiled Betty. “We were at the Royal Wedding party in Talbot House when someone asked us if we would like to have the wedding here. We thought that was a good idea.”

Chris said: “All our friends are here so it would get them involved in the wedding and we thought it would be great for them to enjoy something like that. It’s all been organised by the folk at Talbot House - they have been tremendous and I would like to thank everyone who has helped us.”

The couple will be married by Rev. David Bunyan, of St Mary’s Church and the best man will be Talbot House regular George Queen.