A look at Falkirk life during the reign

The exhibition looks back at how much Falkirk has changed in 60 years
The exhibition looks back at how much Falkirk has changed in 60 years

As Queen Elizabeth marks her Diamond Jubilee, people are being offered a glimpse into how Falkirk has changed since she came to the throne.

The exhibition space at Callendar House has been transformed to take visitors on a tour over life over the past six decades.

‘1952-2012: 60 Years of the Past’ includes clothing, gadgets and photographs gathered over the years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.

Curator Niamh Conlon collated the items, which range from a 1970s bikini to an iPod, from the museum archives as well as donations from members of the public.

She said: “The exhibition is probably one of the most modern we have ever had, but it’s been getting so many positive comments. People can take their grandchildren and remember the memorabilia from the 1950s while the kids will recognise the modern gadgets.”

The museum has also converted an area into a 1950s grocery shop, with once-familiar brands and retro packaging. The shop gives an insight into how different our eating habits were before the microwave was a staple in every house.

There are also dozens of photos on display, including a street plan of the town and pictures of old shop fronts that many Bairns will remember.

Niamh continued: “The exhibition really shows how much Falkirk has changed in 60 years – only one thing has remained constant and that is Queen Elizabeth II being on the throne.

“Times have changed so much, technology is advancing at a great rate and who knows what the world will be like in another 60 years.

“That is why documenting the recent past is vital. People just throw out their old tape recorders and clothes but, if we don’t preserve some of them, there will be nothing to fill the museums of tomorrow.”

If you have items you think could be suitable for the exhibition, contact Niamh at niamh.conlon@falkirkcommunitytrust.org.

‘1952-2012: 60 Years of the Past’ will be at Callendar House until October 20. The grocery shop will be in situ until July 25, when it will be replaced by a record shop from the same era.

Call (01324) 503770 to check shop operating hours.

Callendar House is open Monday-Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 2-5 p.m., admission is free.