A kind chemical reaction in Grangemouth

Calachem MD Neil Partlett donates �2000 to Grangemouth Community Care
Calachem MD Neil Partlett donates �2000 to Grangemouth Community Care

The work of a vital organisation which helps the elderly and the disabled prompted a positive reaction from a local chemical company.

Bosses at Calachem, in Earls Road, Grangemouth, were told about Grangemouth Community Care and the good work it does day in day out to provide social contact and friendship for people who may not be able to get “out and about” without assistance.

So they thought they could help them with their transport costs.

Neil Partlett, Calachem managing director, said: “For the first time in our history we have gone 12 months without an injury on site - not even a cut finger. We wanted to mark that achievement in some way by giving something back to the local area.

“I talked to Councillor Allyson Black about it and she suggested Grangemouth Community Care. So I met up with the group and they said their main costs come from transport.

“We decided to help them out with that.”

The firm, which has been known as ICI, Zeneca, Avecia and Kemfine over the years, generously donated £2000 towards the group’s transportation costs and made a commitment to donate this sum on an annual basis from now on.

Mr Partlett, who made the donation at the care group’s Talbot House base on Tuesday, said: “I know the chemical industry is not always viewed in a favourable light and it is an industry with a reputation. Hopefully through Calachem giving a bit back I hope people see we want to support our community.”

Grangemouth Community Care has a total annual budget of £6000 and gets its income from local churches through collections and special services, which comes to around £2500, and a discretionary grant from Falkirk Council.

However, this budget does not cover the hire of transport and the group admitted it was struggling on that front until Calachem stepped up.

Co-ordinator Anne Lowe said: “Transport is a crucial element for us - without it we would not be able to help the people we help. Before we received this kind donation it looked like we were going to have to start doing some major fundraising to find the money for transport costs.

“It’s £40 a journey in the mini-bus, so that’s £80 a week for 48 weeks. We have to find almost £4000 every year to continue putting on buses to take people to and from our lunches at Talbot House.

“Now Calachem has provided us with over half of what we need on an ongoing basis.”

According to Mrs Lowe the transport link which takes people to the range of independence and self-esteem-boosting activities, events and support available at Talbot House is vital because it prevents social exclusion which can lead to serious health problems, both physical and mental.

A sign has now been placed on the wall outside Talbot House acknowledging Calachem’s donation and continued commitment to the community care group.