£9 million deal agreed for Brockville

Site sold subject to planning permission

THE 'for sale' signs have been packed away and the ink has now dried on the missives...

Brockville has been sold subject to planning permission being granted for a supermarket on the site.

And although the buyer widely known to be English supermarket chain Morrisons is still staying tight-lipped, The Falkirk Herald can confirm a 9 million deal has been struck.

Falkirk Council has already stated the first phase of the new community stadium at Westfield will cost around 6.1 million, funded entirely by the sale of Brockville.

This represents the balance of the sale price after Falkirk FC has paid off their outstanding debt and other associated development costs.

Of the 6.1 million, approximately 3.1 million will be injected into the project by Falkirk Council and 2.8 million will come from the club, with a further 200,000 from sportscotland a National Lottery agency.

The club and council were unable to confirm the figures, but both are delighted to have concluded a deal at last.

Falkirk chairman Campbell Christie said: "It's a great relief to see the missives exchanged. It's now just a matter of time. Up until now it's been a negotiation.

"We've now got an agreement, subject to the i's being dotted and t's being crossed, that will open the way for the new stadium subject to the detailed planning permission for the supermarket and petrol filling station.

"We got detailed permission for Asda when they wanted to move there so it should be fairly straightforward. We also need to submit an application for the Hope Street filling station and we're clearly hoping that will be cleared without any great difficulty."

He added: ''We're closer than we have ever been. We, as a club, then have to submit our detailed plans for the new stadium, and we need to be ready to start work on the new stadium as soon as the funds are released by the sale of the ground. This is an enormous break through for the community and town."

Falkirk Council leader David Alexander said the authority was "over the moon" and "delighted" by the sale.

He said: "Through ensuring the club and the council worked together over the last few months, significant hurdles have been over come. The sale is in both of our interests and it's a good example of joint working.

"There are still a number of hurdles to be over come but, through negotiation, we will see real progress on getting a new stadium built in a reasonable timescale."