Tesco has been unable to strike a deal
Tesco has been unable to strike a deal

The lack of progress on redeveloping a key town centre site has left council planners “frustrated and angered”.

Falkirk Council is desperate to get investment into the old Tesco supermarket site in Callendar Road to help with the rejuvenation of the east end.

The dilapidated plot has lain empty since the company opened its Redding Road store in 2010, but, despite attempts by the council to kickstart a major redevelopment of the area, which includes the bus station, Tesco has so far failed to strike a deal.

The only part of the site progress has been made on is an approved plan to build a drive-through KFC at the former petrol station.

Strategic projects manager Peter Reid said: “The council has been incredibly frustrated and angered by Tesco’s stance.

“We’re working with a developer and with all the major owners in the area but, despite six meetings with Tesco over the last couple of years, they don’t want to play ball.

“Falkirk Council has tried to lead a regeneration vision working with a major national developer, the owner of the bus station and other businesses in area. Everybody’s willing to invest and make things happen, but we need Tesco on board.”

Mr Reid added: “We’ve been down to London twice, they’ve been to our office four times but we’ve been left angered at the position Tesco has taken. It’s time for us to re-visit that now.

“The whole economy for Tesco is changing too. They’ve been saying they’ve got somebody lined up so it might well be they have a tenant for that site. The whole east end regeneration is very much on our agenda at the moment.”

Tesco has permission to sub-divide the former supermarket to bring in a host of new shops and says it is working to get deals done.

A spokesman for Tesco said: “We are pleased to have received planning permission from the council to sub-divide the building and are continuing negotiations with potential tenants.

“Planning consent has also been granted for a drive-through restaurant. We look forward to bringing this investment to the town.”