Wedding of the Week: Laura Anderson and Jamie Haston

Laura Anderson and Jamie Haston
Laura Anderson and Jamie Haston

Laura Anderson (37) is from Dunblane while Jamie Haston (40) hails from Falkirk. The couple both work in warehouse distribution at Asda’s logistics centre.

HOW THEY MET: “We got to know each other at work and something just clicked,” said Laura. Before long wedding plans were afoot!

THE WEDDING: After marrying in late summer last year the couple are now looking back on the first six months of their life together - which includes the four children they now have (both Laura and Jamie already had two children each) in their one big happy family. The couple, and mums Irene and Mari, enjoyed a memorable wedding and reception at The Vu in Bathgate - attended by 120 guests with a further 30 arriving in the evening.

THE HONEYMOON: Laura and Jami headed to Cuba for their honeymoon, an experience which gave a whole new meaning to the expression “a whirlwind romance”. Unfortunately it was an unforgettable for all the wrong reasons, because while the first week of their fortnight was fine the second saw them caught up in the chaos of Hurricane Irma - from which they were lucky to escape unscathed - but they survived to tell the tale. Safely back home the couple, who have now been together for six years, live in their Falkirk home with their four children - Laura’s sons Jamie (13) and Scott (8) Smith, and Jamie’s Connor (15) and Abbie (12).