Viva Mexico in Las Iguanas Glasgow

Las Iguanas Glasgow
Las Iguanas Glasgow

What do you call cheese that is not yours? 
Nacho cheese!

Why did the Mexican push his wife off a cliff? Tequila!

Terrible jokes out the way, this week’s restaurant review ventured west for a taste of Latin America.

Las Iguanas in Glasgow city centre, with branches also in Aberdeen and Edinburgh, is a colourful dining room with a bustling cocktail bar at one end and an open kitchen area at the other.

Offering a taste of Mexico and Brazil, the menu includes standard dishes such as fajitas and chilli as well as some you’ve probably not heard of - like Xinxim. We were too scared of trying to pronounce Xinxim to order that - which is chicken and crayfish in a creamy sauce if you were wondering.

Instead we had nachos and empanadas to start. The nachos were incredible, with home made tortilla chips instead of the Dorito-type crisps used by most place and served with mounds of guacamole, home made salsa, cheese and jalapenos.

Andy rated his empanadas too, crispy pasties filed with minted lamb and while we tucked into our starters, while our little boy was revelling in his lunch - mini burger sliders with chips.

The mains of black bean and beetroot burger with coleslaw and fries and a chipotle chicken burrito were massive portions .

My veggie burger was a spicy patty in a crisp bun served with a mound of chips. Las Iguanas is fantastic for vegetarians and vegans and they have a whole meat-free menu as well as a gluten free offering and a special-price party menu for large groups.

With the cocktail list so inviting, it was only right to sample a few, I had a Brazilian Bellini and a strawberry daiquiri which both went down far too easily. The atmosphere at Las Iguanas is relaxed and our servers, Magda and Mirko, were efficient and friendly.

The restaurant would make the ideal place for a big family meal or dinner before a night out and the lunch time deal, of mains for £6-7.90 with starters an extra £1.90-2.90, offers great value for a huge amount of food.

Despite it only being lunch time, we were tempted to get dessert when we saw another table’s pudding.

Andy had the churros, long strips of pastry served with a caramel sauce to dunk them in, and I had the Aztec chocolate cake - a chocolate and orange sponge served with ice cream.

The lunch was nothing short of decadent and we were so full there was nothing left to do but head home and abandon our shopping trip.

I’m sure Andy was devastated to miss hanging about Frasers’ changing rooms for five hours.

Las Iguanas was founded in 1991 in Bristol but has seen rapid expansion in recent years, now boasting 38 branches around the UK.

Seems we can’t get enough of the Latin vibes and unbelievably good nachos.