VIDEO: A ‘couples’ exercise routine with a difference for Falkirk Commonwealth athlete Jade

When it comes to exercise, everyone knows that dogs love a good run around.

But what about including your pooch in your workout session?

That’s exactly what Falkirk athlete Jade Nimmo did last week as she embarked on some ‘Pugercise’.

Her pug Hero, watched by fellow canine Maggie, is the star of a video the Commonwealth athlete posted on Instagram last week.

And the sportswoman is looking into starting a class for people to exercise with their dog.

Jade, who runs her own business, told the Herald: “I was trying to do a circuit at home and Hero wanted to play, so I figured there was no better way than to include them.

“It was all a bit of fun and my dogs are always part of some of my sessions whether it be running or out walking or at the track.”

“Hero is a laid back cool dude. He was very happy I was giving him a big cuddle as he kept jumping up to play with me.”