These are the locations of all the temporary speed cameras in and around Falkirk.

Mobile speed cameras: Here are all the current locations in and around Falkirk

Here’s the up-to-date position on where mobile cameras are being used on local roads.

Did you know that there are a number of different speed cameras at work on Scotland’s roads, including fixed speed, average speed, variable speed and traffic light cameras?

Most of them tend to stay in the same place, but mobile speed cameras can be set up at accident blackspots where there is a history of road traffic incidents over a three year or more period.

The mobile speed cameras used by Safety Cameras Scotland are operated from marked safety camera vans by police staff or from a safety camera motorbike operated by police officers.

Police Officers can also enforce the speed limit using laser speed guns at locations where there is an issue with speed.

Safety Cameras Scotland follows an evidence based site selection process, which means that selecting a site through to a camera enforcing at a site is a lengthy process. The criteria set for choosing when and where to deploy a camera site is set out here.

Here are the mobile speed cameras currently active in and around Falkirk, as highlighted by the Scottish Government’s dedicated website.

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