The mother of all good tea rooms

Mother Murphy's cake table is hard to resist
Mother Murphy's cake table is hard to resist

Last month was my first visit to Mother Murphy’s tearoom in Ladysmill but from the moment I stepped in the door, I was treated like a long-time regular.

My colleague Deborah and I enjoyed a business lunch – ok, we stuffed our face and swapped gossip – to check out the new tearoom. It’s hard not to feel part of the furniture the minute you enter Debra and Jim’s cosy business near Falkirk town centre.

I had seen photos of Mother Murphy’s homemade cakes on Facebook and was desperate to try them out.

When we arrived, Jim started chatting away, asking about our day. I wondered if he was confusing me with my doppleganger but turns out the husband and wife are just two of the friendliest people ever to have pulled on a pinny.

The menu is compact, with no fried food and instead tearoom staples like sandwiches, baked potatoes and tascas.

What are tascas? Having just found out myself, I can share the information with you. They are deliciously light flat breads, served toasted with fillings like cheese or ham.

I had mine with tuna and after seeing the size of a tasca, I was glancing worriedly at the cake table wondering how I’d also fit in a cake. Served with coleslaw - again home made, are you noticing a theme? – and a side salad with chutney, the dish was a bargain at £4.90.

Deborah had a huge bowl of homemade lentil soup with a ham and cheese ciabatta and it was eyes bigger than belly syndrome with dainty Deborah only managing around half the plateful.

But that didn’t mean there wasn’t room for cake.

The cake table at Mother Murphy’s is quite a sight. Loaded with scones, cakes, tray bakes and meringues, it was a difficult choice and I walked up and down several times debating what to have.

I eventually settled on the coconut cake as recommended by Debra. Deborah then also settled on the coconut cake as recommended by Debra.

So, I had to switch to a homemade scone served with a choice of homemade preserves and I wasn’t disappointed.

The scone was light and fresh and the blackcurrant preserve was incredible.

I tried a forkful of Deborah’s coconut cake and it was fabulous. Made with condensed milk and lashings of coconut, it was rich and delicious.

Mother Murphy’s make everything themselves, all the cakes are made from scratch and as well as preserves, they make their own chutneys and just after we were in they got started on their own mincemeat for their Christmas pies.

Owning a tearoom has been a life long dream for Debra and after a couple of years in the catering industry, the chance to own the Ladysmill premises came up. Debra told us: “I never thought I’d get to own my own tearoom, it’s been my dream and I have to pinch myself to make sure it’s real.”

The real star attraction at Mother Murphy’s isn’t just the homemade produce, but Mother and Father Murphy.

The couple create a warm environment and chat away to all customers like they are old friends while the open kitchen area makes you feel like you are guests in their home.

Mother Murphy’s tearoom is a welcome addition to Falkirk’s already impressive collection of cafes and cake houses.