Song club was a treat all round

Jayz Bar and Restaurant in Shawlands
Jayz Bar and Restaurant in Shawlands

I have found myself becoming somewhat of a regular at Jayz Bar in Shawlands over the past few weeks and I haven’t been even slightly disappointed once.

Every Sunday, the bar runs a family-friendly open mic afternoon or ‘Sunday Song Club’ and thanks to my sister’s singing talents, which I’m sorry to say don’t run in the family, I’ve gone along to watch it a few times.

Aside from the truly breathtaking entertainment from a varied group of young performers, the food and welcoming surroundings make this place well worth a visit.

The atmosphere is relaxed, the staff are friendly and the food is always freshly made and delicious.

The menu consists of traditional pub grub, with a selection of burgers, pizzas, sharing platters and classic dishes like steak pie, sausage and mash and fish and chips.

On my most recent visit to Jayz, a big group of us went along to show some family support and we decided to get a platter of nachos to share while we had a couple of drinks and watched the first few performances.

The portion was very generous and there was just the right amount of each topping of sour cream, salsa, guacamole and melted cheese, to go around everyone of us at the table.

Next up was the main courses and I decided to go for margherita pizza. To go along with our mains, we got some sides to share, including hand-cut chips and onion rings.

The pizza base was thin and crispy, just like an authentic Italian pizza restaurant would do, and the sides were a tasty accompaniment.

Hand-cut chips were thick and crunchy but perfectly fluffy in the middle and the onion rings were nice and crisp.

Elsewhere on the table, we had fish and chips, steak pie and mac and cheese as well as a couple of other pizzas which all went down very well with no complaints at all.

Unfortunately I’ve never gotten round to trying a dessert and have usually favoured just one more glass of wine to round the afternoon off but I know the ice cream selection is a hot favourite with some of the little members of the audience.

The afternoon really was a complete pleasure, not just because I was there to see my sister sing but because the venue is a great place to hang out.

After the family open mic afternoon, the adults come out to perform in the evening and although it’s usually too late for me on a school night to stay and watch, the line up always seems quite impressive.

Jayz regularly hosts theme open mic nights, most recently a songs from film and TV selection, as well as quiz nights, jam sessions and live bands such as Papa Shandy & the Drams who performed last month.

It’s a great platform for people trying to build up a following or even just perfect their performing skills in front of an audience and I know visiting Jayz has become a bit of a ritual for families and friends of the regular acts.

However, if you’re not there to see someone you know, you would most definitely be impressed with the talent displayed, some from kids as young as eight or nine-years-old, and the quality of the food on offer.

My family and I will certainly be back. Jayz Bar and Restaurant is at 87 Kilmarnock Road, Shawlands, G41 3YR.