So sad to leave our Kincardine home

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Gary Wemyss and wife Claire thought this was their ‘forever’ home but are moving to be closer to family elsewhere

Gary Wemyss is not the first home owner to wish he could take his property with him as a new location awaits.

The dad, his wife Claire and their young son are selling their immaculate home in Kincardine as they now want to be closer to family elsewhere.

Gary said: “I’m sure people have said it before, but if I could pick the house up and take it with us I would.

“This is a property that we thought we’d be in forever.”

The property at 20 George Street, featured in the current edition of The Falkirk Herald, is on the market at the fixed price of £249,000 with Russel + Aitken. For more information, contact (01324) 626107