Scots miss out on £122m online travel savings each year

We think we're a nation of savvy spenders and are quick to hunt for voucher codes to save pennies on our weekly food shop or restaurant bill, but when it comes to holidays, Scots are missing out on savings to the tune of £122m.

New research shows less than a fifth (18%) of internet shoppers use online codes when booking travel products such as hotels, flights, package holidays, parking and insurance, meaning 82% of holiday-makers are missing out on hundreds of pounds worth of savings.

The current average saving from voucher codes per travel product is £72.16, meaning a potential saving of up to £289 if used for all holiday purchases, with particular money-saving potential when it comes to costs incurred before you even take off.

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Some airports, such as Glasgow Airport, charge up to £85 per week for airport parking - which could potentially be more than the cost of the holiday itself - yet only 37% of shoppers think to use voucher codes to help bring this cost down.

The research also reveals that over 55s make the biggest travel purchase savings at £98.90, £26.74 more than the national average, whilst regionally Londoners have the highest rate of online voucher usage (91%) and East Anglia the lowest (73%).

The most popular types of travel savings are:

Hotels and accommodation (66%)

Package holidays (64%)

Flights (44%)

Parking (37%)

Insurance (23%)

Chris Reilly, Managing Director from MyVoucherCodes, which conducted the research, said: “It’s interesting to see that although online shoppers use voucher codes in everyday life, when it comes to booking holidays, potentially one of the biggest monetary outlays of the year, Scots seem to forget about the money-saving benefits of codes.

“More than half of people also felt that booking travel products through a voucher website meant the quality of suppliers could be trusted, another reason to remember voucher codes next time you’re planning your getaway”.

Top tips for making the most of travel savings

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Keep an eye on social media for promo codes that may be specific to Facebook and offer more bang for your buck.

Be open-minded and flexible about the destination, some offers are location based and great savings can be made.

Look at recommendations from other users to give more information about the deal.

Try booking outside of school holidays, as flights and accommodation are generally cheaper.

Pre-book your airport parking, so you don’t get stung with a hefty bill when you return home.

To view the report in full click HERE