Playing happy families in spacious Falkirk home

There is plenty of space for everyone in this home
There is plenty of space for everyone in this home

With five bedrooms, three bathrooms and four public rooms, this Falkirk house definitely has room for a family ... or two!

The James Croft Drive property was developed from a shell by owners Frank and Jean Barr, and they have been living there since the Millennium.

It’s a long time for a couple who frequently move house and is testament to how much they have enjoyed staying in this home.

Jean said: “I’ve never felt attached to anywhere before.

“I’ve always believed that everything that matters – like your family – is inside the house and you take it with you when you move.

“But I do feel an attachment to this house, probably because we have been here for so long.”

And this family don’t have to worry about inviting close relatives around for Christmas and New Year dinner as they are already together!

The Barrs teenage grandson lives with them and last year Jean and Frank’s daughter Janie Orr moved along with her husband Mitch and daughter Frankie.

Janie said: “It’s a big house and the two families live here really comfortably.

“We’re a close family so it works very well for us.

“It definitely has its good points, especially at Christmas and New Year.

“This is the longest we have ever stayed in a house as we’re a family of movers – I’m 43 and I’ve moved six times in my life.

“It’s a very quiet place to live. The road goes into a cul-de-sac so there’s no passing traffic because there’s nowhere to drive to!”

The property at James Croft Drive is on the market with McEwan Fraser Legal at offers in the region of £299,995. For more information, contact 0131 265 2054.