Peter Pan is soaring success for Youth Theatre

If if does prove to be the final pantomime staged by Falkirk Youth Theatre at the Town Hall, then Peter Pan is certainly a fitting finale.

Ahead of the production, much was made of the fact that the star of the show – along with his shadow – would actually take to the air to perform the flying scenes.

Peter Pan was a big hit the young and young at heart!

Peter Pan was a big hit the young and young at heart!

However, while that certainly added a touch of style, it was the performance of the young stars themselves which captivated the audience.

Peppered with corny jokes which had us laughing and groaning in equal measures, Peter Pan was the perfect panto with plenty of familiar songs to get everyone joining in.

The scene was set early on with some verbal volleying between the Darling siblings in the nursery before the arrival of Pan himself took them on the well-trodden - or should that be flown - journey to Neverland.

Of course, every good pantomime needs a baddy and in Peter Pan that comes in the form of the evil Captain Hook, who drew the requisite boos, hisses and catcalls from the younger - and some older - members of the audience.

The battle between Pan and Hook is one of the story’s main themes but they were magnificently supported by the other chararcters.

The Darling clan of Wendy, John and Michael - along with mum and dad at the beginning and end - and not forgeting Nana the dog were excellent throughout, with the sibling rivalrly between the two brothers getting plenty of laughs.

Pan was well supported by Tiger-Lily and the acrobatic Tinkerbell, while Smee and his mother provided some great comedy moments.

A special shoutout also to ‘Mel and Sue’ who were fantastic in their unique version of the Generation Game, while the occasional interludes from Copyright Man were always welcome.

The Falkirk Herald even made an appearance in the form of a town crier, reading out the type of hilarious headlines we would love to carry on a weekly basis!

Add into the mix the lost boys, fairies, pirates, indians and mermaids, and you have a show that not only entertains from start to finish but also brilliantly showcases the wealth of young talent in Falkirk district.

Peter Pan runs at FTH until Saturday and, while they may not be back at that venue next Christmas, there will be no stopping the members of Falkirk Youth Theatre who will be keeping busy in the new year with Annie Jr planned for June and Fame in November.


Peter Pan, Kathrine McKenzie; Shadow, Hannah Coutts; Hook, Cameron Borthwick and Laura McKenna; Mrs Smee, Alex McNair and Adam Brown; Smee, Callum Mack and Jamie McGinley; Tinkerbell, Olivia Bruce and Emma Kilpatrick; Tiger-Lily, Melissa Cook and Stephanie Lusk; Wendy, Holly Cunningham and Kasie Campbell; John, Jake Cairns and Cadyn Burns; Michael, Daniel Gray and Dane Brown; Mum, Freya Kirkwood and Samantha McKinlay; Dad, Ben Russell; Nana, Emily Graham and Rebecca Doyle; Mel, Paige Garden and Rebecca Jamieson; Sue, Katie Ferguson and Rose Sinclair; Falkirk Herald, Isla Campbell and Bayley Welsh; Leader of Indians, Jessica Mackie; Copyright Man, Callum Carnie.

Lost Boys

Katie Borthwick, Skye Bell-Burn, Charlotte Soper, Zoe Moore, Lauren Isles, Iona Dalgleish, Amber Burrow, Emma Murray, Alannah Davies, Katie Griffiths, Emily Ferguson, Erin Gray, Lily Kelly, Amy Gladstone.


Violet Steven, Alana Gallacher, Neviah Power, Miranda Young, Lexi Cattanach, Laila Fyfe, Macy Dale, Jaye LeHardy, Lucy Clyne, Lucy Torrance, Kelsie Davies, Katie MacKay.


Ben Pascall, Scarlett Paton, Natalie Fleming, Keira Tortora, Cerys O’Brien, Ewan MacMillan, Evie Martin, Lucy Sands, Adam Kelly, Callum Edwards.


Rachel Clark, Alia Aslam, Jessica Bell, Rebecca Jamieson, Katie Ferguson, Rose Sinclair, Paige Garden.


Annalissa Bailey, Kady Maitland, Jessica Stirling, Bayley Welsh, Sara Jack, Jasmin Dick, Anna Miller, Carly Crawford, Beth Kilpatrick, Caragh Burns, Violet Beattie, Emily Gregory, Ciara Watson, Lily-Grace Gray, Georgina McQueen, Isla Campbell, Ivy Brooks, Emily Graham, Rebecca Doyle.