Perth is surprise winner of Scotland’s ‘cheapest pint’ league

The average price for a pint of beer worldwide is just £2.63, while in Edinburgh it’s £4.19 and in Perth - with one of the cheapest beer prices in Britain - it’s just £3.07p.

Cost of living data shows that London is unsurprisingly the UK’s dearest city when it comes to enjoying a pint of beer, charging an average of £5.19p, while at the other end of the scale Preston in Lancashire charges just £3.06p.

In Scotland Edinburgh levies a premium average price, with Glasgow trailing at just £3.79p and Dundee £3.29p.

Meanwhile holidaymakers who enjoy a pint might like to note that the world’s dearest beer-serving country is Qatar, where (in places where it is legal to drink alcohol) a pint is £10,30, followed closely by Dubai at £9.92 - while in Oslo, Norway, it’s £7.95 and a pint in Rekjavik will set you back £7.

The figures come from personal finance comparison site, which also lists the top five cheapest worlwide options.

Most shopper-friendly is Mozambique, where a pint is 39p, followed by Caracas in strife-torn Venezuela, where it’s 42p.

In the heart of South Sudan a pint is 47p, while visitors to Communist dictatorship North Korea will pay 70p - marginally cheaper than Tashkent in Uzbekistan, where a pint is 76 pence.

The figures are averages, and will inevitably be skewed by the number and type of outlets found in each destination, but when it comes to London the most alarming trend is said to be price rises soaring 29 per cent faster than the global average - ip 41p from £4.76 in 2017.

Types of beer obviously figure too, and it’s assumed the study refers to a pint of standard lager rather than premium brands.

The biggest difference globally is in Chad, West Africa, where te price of a pint has almost doubled, while in Cameroon - for reasons unexplained - it is 65 per cent cheaper than in 2017.

However because of the costs of operating a pub and the nature of its draught beer supply orders there’s still a major gulf between on trade and off trade prices, which are regularly claimed to be a main element in people deciding to stay at home.