Westquarter’s Anne solves a mystery

The commercial class at St Modan's High in 1950
The commercial class at St Modan's High in 1950

Anne Sproul, nee Sludden, contacted the Falkirk Herald to solve a picture mystery.

Her class picture from St Modan’s High was printed in the nostalgia section two weeks ago, a class which featured 34 girls and only one boy. The photo was submitted by George O’Brien as it featured his late wife Madaline, nee Pacitti, but he didn’t know why there was only one boy in the class.

Mrs Sproul (72) explains: “Back then each pupil was put into different classes, from A to G, depending on how academic you were. This was the B group commercial class which concentrated on office skills like shorthand and typing while the A group took on Latin and the such and were intending to go to university after school. I think the only reason the boy took that class was because he wanted to become a reporter but I don’t think he continued for very long - it can’t have been easy being the only boy in the class.”

Anne, originally from Westquarter, attended St Francis School but the only RC high school at the time was St Modan’s in Stirling so she attended there. Anne stays in Aberdeen after living in various countries, including the Bahamas, for her husband’s work in the oil industry.

She added: “I still keep in touch with one or two pupils from St Modan’s and I remember Madaline well. It’s a real shame no one has ever organised a school reunion.”