Westquarter boys have always been fitba’ daft

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Boys have been fitba’ daft ever since they were big enough to run around and Westquarter has always been regarded as a community that produces talented players.

John Gray, a member of the Westquarter Memories Group, reminisces about his old school teammates back in the 1950s when they were feared all over the district, both for their skill and ‘fighting’ spirit.

Pictured above are: Back (l-r) - James Myles, Ian ‘Gus’ McMeechan, Gandi Donaldson, John Gray, Tam Morre, Robert Forbes. Front - Ronnie Yanovitz, Tommy Harvey, Edward McMillan, Billy Johnston, Joe Oliver, and Wullie Guest.

John said: “Big Soutar (James Myles) was a legend in Laurieston. He lost his teeth in the early years but slackened a few opponents’s teeth too with his tackles.

“Gus McMeechan was built like a whippet, but he could tackle like a lion.

“Gandi Donaldson was the original goalie. A great, fearless keeper who is sadly dead now but never forgotten.

“Ronnie Yanovitz was a very fast player. I’ve got slower greyhounds than he was.

“As for me, I’m humphy backet to this day carrying that lot. What a player I was!.