The Braes’ poetic policeman

Sergeant Alexander Stewart
Sergeant Alexander Stewart

You may have heard of poetic justice, but what about a poetic policeman?

Alexander Stewart was such a man. He was a local bobby in the Braes area and was on the beat when the Redding Pit disaster happened back in 1923. He was a sergeant.

Mr Stewart was born in the Cuilt Parish of Balquhidder to Alex Stewart Snr and Margaret (nee Dewar) on February 7, 1860. He died on February 20, 1926 aged 66.

His son John Nimmo remembers his love of poetry and has kept his writing to this day.

Extracts from one written after the pit disaster goes: “Ower the moorlands of Redding, the Michaelmas mune. In its glory an’ splendour, shone bricht frae alume.

“Wi’ a lustre unsullied, its bonnie white ray, fell doon like mantle, on Wallacestone Brae.”