Proud Nan remembers Laurieston gala role in 1933

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Being picked to be in the gala day pageant was a major thrill for schoolchildren when the annual events used to parade through towns and villages across the district.

Nan Muirhead (86) was proud as punch when she was chosen to lead the flower girls in the Laurieston School gala day parade in 1933 along with pal Jane Scott.

She said: “If you were picked it was a big honour and you couldn’t wait until the gala day. I’m glad I wasn’t the Queen though. I don’t think my mum could have afforded that.

“The teachers at the school organised the gala days back then and they were very big pageants. It’s a shame you don’t see them anymore.”

Nan’s family were the second family to move into Westquarter when it was first built in 1936. Her sister was the girl born in the community in 1937.