Nearly a full line-up for former Carronshore team

Thomson Caravan Amateurs in 1971
Thomson Caravan Amateurs in 1971
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In last week’s reader’s story we were three names short in the line-up of the Thomson Caravans football team of 1971.

The photograph was sent in by Thomas Donnelly (pictured second from left, front row above).

The team-mate to his right with the ball is Ian Doyle, from Bonnybridge, who was one of the unknown players Mr Donnelly couldn’t identify.

Mr Doyle, whose nickname was Digger, also gave us another unknown name.

He said: “I started at Thomsons when I was 16 straight from school and worked there nine years.

“I played right wing and they were a good bunch. I really enjoyed playing for the team. The goalie was Wullie Crawford and the other one that wasn’t named was called Ewan (pictured back row, second from left), but I can’t remember his last name.”