National Service ‘should be brought back’ says William

Jimmy McIntosh was a PTI at Catterick
Jimmy McIntosh was a PTI at Catterick

Seeing this picture in our Benchman column of former Falkirk FC player Jimmy McIntosh stirred memories of regimental days for William Clark.

William was 22 when this shot was taken of McIntosh in 1958 at the Royal Armoured Corps Training Regiment where the men served part of their National Service. The previous year McIntosh was part of Falkirk’s Scottish Cup-winning side.

Their intake was also the very last one before the two-year compulsory National Service ended in 1960.

William said: “I joined in 1957 and served six months in Catterick before moving to Munster in Germany for the other 18 months. Jimmy was a PTI (physical training iInstructor) but he was quite good, he wasn’t too hard on anyone.

“We played for the regimental football team which was a really good one that went two years without getting beat. We had David McPartland too, who played for Partick Thistle.”

William reckons National Service should make a comeback.

He added: “I really enjoyed my two years, it makes a man of you. You went in as a boy but came out a man.

“I think they should still have it these days to show young people how to toe the line through experience and responsibility.”