Max’s memory of Falkirk Herald set in stone

The Falkirk Herald, High Street, circa 1958
The Falkirk Herald, High Street, circa 1958

Carrying on the work theme in our nostalgia section this week is Max Kelly, who now lives in Ferndown, Dorset.

Former Larbert High School pupil Mr Kelly, originally from Stenhousemuir, used to work in the linotype department of The Falkirk Herald back in the 1950s when the paper had an office in High Street.

At that time there were seven linotypes and one intertype which were used to produce the news and advertising material for the Herald and Linlithgowshire Journal & Gazette as well as a range of commercial publications such as local directories, leaflets and pamphlets.

Mr Kelly said: “I think this picture would have been around 1958 or ’59 as I had just returned from National Service with the RAF.

“The operator on the left is Archie Middlemass who left the Herald to start up the ill-fated Falkirk Focus newspaper, which lasted a few months until he ran out of cash.

“John Campbell is the operator with the ‘haircut’ and I was an apprentice compositor operating one of the two Ludlow headline casters. The tables or stones were where the galleys of type were stored for line correction prior to page make-up on publication night.”