Margaret wants Falkirk primary reunion after 70 years

Victoria Primary School puils circa 1945
Victoria Primary School puils circa 1945
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Some of these fresh-faced youngsters are only around 10 at the time this photograph was taken, but they will pushing 80 this year.

The picture is children from Victoria Primary School circa 1945 and one of them is hoping to catch up with her old chums if they are up for it.

Margaret Davidson (78), pictured middle row fifth from left, lived in Victoria Road when she attended the school. She now lives in Fife where she moved to when she was 17 in 1952 after marrying, but wants to organise a school reunion or catch-up.

Margaret said: “I still keep in touch with friends from the Falkirk area, but sadly not anyone from school and I would like to do that or even have a school reunion which would be lovely.”

If you are in the picture and would like to get in contact with Margaret give us a call on (01324) 690249.