Looking back: Dennis lined up for Provost’s robes back in 1988

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Camelon councillor Dennis Goldie was set to become Falkirk’s First Citizen back in 1988.

The 38 year-old Labour councillor was nominated as Provost of Falkirk District. At the time of writing, he was almost certainly set to be elected at the first meeting of the new council that week.

Councillor Goldie of Aitken Terrace, Camelon, refused to speculate on the outcome of the meeting. He said at the time: ‘‘I’m delighted to be nominated by the Labour Group on the council and the district Labour Party.

“It is a great honour but nothing is certain in politics I won’t be thinking of myself as provost before the meeting.”

Former provost, John Docherty, did not stand for the position, Councillor Goldie defeated Councillor John Jenkinson when councillors voted for the post.